Drew . . .

won 1st Official Atlanta Black Greek Picnic Kanemaster link 2024-06-29
collected 9,779 cane freestyle video clips by hand link 2024-03-24
won the 11th One Man One Kane Competition of the Northeastern Province 2024-03-23
won the 2024 Kane Master Kompetition at the Kappa Komplex in Birmingham, Alabama 2024-02-23
is the 1st Kanemaster to receive over 25K, 30K, 35K, 40K likes on a solo video link 2023-08-01
is featured on the "Drop Everything" Podcast with Daniel Holzman link 2022-03-22
performed "All The Above" with 1 cane link 2022-03-19
performed "All I DO is Win!" with 2 canes only using his left hand link 2022-03-19
performed "This Is Why I'm Hot" with 3 canes link 2022-03-19
performed "Out 4 Blood" with 4 canes link 2022-03-13
performed at Chamblee Middle School 2022-03-03
was infected with COVID-19 while promoting the COVID-19 vaccine link 2021-08-14
served as a judge for the Northeastern Province Kanemaster Competition link 2021-04-10
was hired for a sign spinning job and uses canes exclusively 2021-02-05
performed in the IJA Welcome Show 2020-07-13
performed in the Bindlestiff Circus 2020-05-04
contributed to the Kanemaster Konversations 2020-04-11
freestyled at the Morehouse Homecoming link 2019-09-17
created the tutorial on how to do bodywraps link 2018-03-01
performed in the Atlanta Groundhog Day Festival Late Night Caberet link 2018-02-03
won 1st Official Southeastern Kanemaster link 2017-03-17
created the tutorial on how to do twirl link 2016-12-13
was credited with inspiring IJA Gold Champion Zak McCallister link 2016-11-23
debuted "2 canes with no hands" at the Pi Chapter "Pi-knik" link 2016-04-23
rode a unicycle offroad and added it to stage performances link 2016-03-21
featured in Spencer Androli's Jugglefest 2016 video link 2016-02-29
debuted "1 cane with no hands" at the Birmingham Alumni House link 2015-07-18
freestyled 4 wood canes in pain at the Kappa Komplex in Birmingham, Alabama link 2015-07-18
was featured in the "Bessie" movie link 2015-05-16
was videoed in slow motion at Piedmont Park link 2015-03-15
performed at the 1st Annual Miller Beach Sand Castle Building Competition link 2014-08-11
freestyled at the Atlanta Black Greek Picnic link 2014-06-07
interviewed by Time Warner Cable News at the TJS Jugglefest link 2014-02-25
freestyled at the 36th Annual Groundhog's Day Festival link 2014-02-01
hosted a workshop and competition for kids in Atlanta link 2013-08-03
was inducted into the Juggling History Museum by juggling historian David Cain link 2013-07-20
videoed co-cane and taught a workshop at the 20th Annual Jugglefest link 2013-02-21
mentored at the Cirque du Monde (of Cirque du Soleil) Workshop 2013-02-14
won a PHIL Award at the 35th Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival link 2013-02-02
videoed co-cane at the 35th Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival 2013-02-02
videoed co-cane in Huntsville, Alabama 2012-11-30
videoed co-cane in Austin, Texas 2012-10-20
videoed co-cane at the 65th IJA Festival in Winston-Salem, NC 2012-07-16
freestyled 4 canes in "psi-clone" at Psi Chapter in Minneapolis, MN link 2012-06-23
served as a Campfire Retreat Instructor in Minneapolis, MN 2012-06-15
videoed co-cane in Minneapolis, MN 2012-06-13
videoed co-cane at the Atlanta Black Greek Picnic 2012-06-08
videoed co-cane at the F.L.A.M.E. Festival, Cherokee Farms, Lafayette, GA 2012-04-12
coached the Mu Chapter Stepteam to win 1st place 2012-04-05
won 1st Official Northeastern Province Kanemaster in Albany, NY link 2012-03-16
videoed co-cane at the Northeastern Province Council meeting in Albany, NY 2012-03-16
videoed co-cane at Jugglefest XIX in Austin, Texas link 2012-02-25
regularly attended the Austin Juggling Club link 2012-01-22
performed an impromptu routine at the Texas Juggling Society link 2011-12-02
videoed co-cane in Atlanta, Georgia 2011-11-06
won 1st Official Kanemaster of the Southwestern Province link 2011-09-17
videoed co-cane at the Southwestern Province Council Meeting in Conway, AR 2011-09-17
videoed co-cane at The 64th Annual IJA Festival in Rochester, MN link 2011-07-16
won the Nephew Tommy Kanemaster Competition 2011-07-09
won 1st Official Kanemaster of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; Twice. link 2011-07-08
videoed co-cane at the Kappa Alpha Psi Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis, IN 2011-07-08
released the Kane & Able audition video link 2011-06-30
interviewed for "A Brief History of Twirlin’: The When The How and The Who" book link 2011-06-20
videoed co-cane at Nathan Peterson's Epic Proposal Weekend in San Jose, CA link 2011-05-28
videoed co-cane at the Sigma Rhomeo Picnic in Prarie View A&M University 2011-04-30
videoed co-cane at the Mu Chapter Reunion at Kansas University 2011-04-14
videoed co-cane PLAY Immersion in Dripping Springs, TX link 2011-04-01
videoed co-cane Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival at Arkansas University 2011-03-11
videoed co-cane at Jugglefest XVIII at The University of Texas, in Austin, TX 2011-02-25
auditioned for America's Got Talent at the Houston Reliant Center link 2011-02-13
videoed co-cane at the Beta Zeta Party in Montgomery, AL 2011-01-22
videoed co-cane at the Texas Richarson/Plano Founder's Day in Dallas, TX 2011-01-08
videoed co-cane at AGP's New Year's Eve in Dallas, TX (Rhomeos) 2011-01-01
videoed co-cane at The University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL (Kappa Leaguers) 2010-11-27
facilitated the Cane Freestyle Facebook Group link 2010-11-20
videoed co-cane in Atlanta, GA 2010-09-05
videoed co-cane at Alabama University in Birmingham, AL 2010-09-03
freestyled with mixed canes at University of Alabama at Birmingham link 2010-09-03
videoed co-cane in New Orleans, LA 2010-09-02
videoed co-cane during a Toastmaster's Convention in Palm Desert, CA 2010-08-09
videoed co-cane at the 63rd IJA Juggling Festival in Sparks, NV 2010-07-26
videoed co-cane at The World Juggling Federation 6 in Las Vegas, NV 2010-07-25
performed "blind drunk cane" at the Jugglefest Renegade Show link 2010-02-26
co-cane 02-26-10 thru 02-28-10 Austin, Texas University of Texas at Jugglefest XVII 2010-02-26
ghost rides a Jeep link 2009-08-31
performed at the 79th Kappa Alpha Psi Conclave in Washington, DC link 2009-08-08
videoed co-cane at the 79th Kappa Alpha Psi Conclave in Washington, DC link 2009-08-08
videoed co-cane at Jugglefest XVI at the University of Texas in Austin, TX 2009-02-20
videoed co-cane at the IJA Festival at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY link 2008-08-16
featured in Chris Taibbi's 2008 IJA Festival video link 2008-07-25
freestyled at the Mu Chapter Reunion link 2008-07-23
featured in Steve Langley's 2008 IJA Festival video link 2008-07-15
started taking co-cane at the 61st IJA Juggling Festival link 2008-07-14
attended Eeyore's Birthday link 2008-04-27
featured in Synergy II link 2008-03-02
featured in the Synergy II Preview link 2008-01-23
released the Maniac Drew video to debut the "cane freestyle" artform link 2007-12-05
attended the IJA Convention in Winston-Salem, NC link 2007-07-16
performed at vendor booths for companies 2007-07-14
featured in the "Stomp the Yard" movie 2007-01-12
CRWLC link 2006-12-19
Jugglefest Workshop Leader until 2012 2006-02-08
performed in the Texas Juggling Society Public Show link 2006-02-08
performed in several parades in Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia 2005-12-31
won 1st place at the Greekfest Stepshow link 2005-10-29
created the "cane freestyle" artform by adding prop movement techniques 2005-04-16
featured in the "Love You Down" music video with INOJ and Lil Jon link 1997-05-30
competed solo, beat, and placed against Step Teams until October 2011 1996-10-20
performed at the Clark Atlanta Homecoming in Atlanta, GA link 1996-10-12